With years of experience working with a selection of the world’s greatest whisky brands in addition to a number of small craft distillers, Allen Associates is ideally placed to deliver your distilling project from start to finish.

Whether it’s Scotland, UK, Europe or the Far East, we can deliver any distilling project from grain intake through to bottling.  The main process areas we are frequently involved with to produce spirit from grain to bottle are:

  • Distilling
  • Cask filling and disgorging
  • Mature spirit preparation and bottling
  • Plant services and energy efficiency
  • Process compliance


We are specialists in the Scotch Whisky Industry and to date have worked in more than 80 distilleries at home and overseas. Due to our location and the size of the indigenous Scotch Whisky industry the majority of our distilling work has been in malt distilling, however we have also designed systems for producing other spirits including gin, vodka, rum and brandy.  In simple terms we can deliver any distilled spirit project from grain intake through to new make spirit for filling in to tankers or casks.

Cask handling – filling and disgorging

We have worked in more than 15 cask handling facilities from filling through to disgorging.  Projects include palletised systems as well as more traditional on the bulge filling.  The systems we have worked with vary from handling a small number of American barrels to large volume filling and disgorging of American, hogs heads and butts.

Mature spirit preparation and bottling

We have worked in more than 15 vat rooms and associated bottling halls throughout Scotland and also vat rooms in Ireland, Vietnam and in the USA.  Systems we have designed include disgorged spirit filtration, chill filtration, reduction, blending and marrying.  These have either been as a small project or a complete design package for a new vat room and bottling hall.  We have also designed systems for the preparation of flavoured and sugary spirits including Drambuie and After Shock.  Recent projects include the design of multi-purpose vat rooms that are hygienically designed with full CIP systems to facilitate the production of a variety of different spirits in the same plant with full batch integrity.

Plant services and energy efficiency

Like with most process industry’s there is significant capital expenditure on services plant in distilling.  We have designed and installed a lot of service plant throughout Scotland’s distilleries including boilers, cooling towers, effluent systems, air systems, treated water systems, CIP systems and yeast plants.  Due to the distilling process energy consumption is significant, we have worked with distillers to increase their energy efficiency and in some cases reduce energy consumption by more than 3kWh per litre of alcohol produced.

Process compliance

We have provided process compliance services to all of our distilling clients.  We have carried out compliance studies in distilleries, vat rooms, bottling halls, filling stores and have exported these skills to Europe and the USA.

Key compliance expertise and services include:

  • DSEAR / ATEX hazardous area zoning and risk assessment
  • Fire case emergency venting (BLEVE)
  • As built P&IDs (Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams)
  • HAZOP study chairing
  • LOPA study chairing and SIL determination

Finally - Craft Distilling

There has been a huge expansion in small volume and craft distilling in recent years, and Allen Associates have been busy helping distillers at home and overseas develop their ideas and set up their own operations. We have recently completed systems for both whisky and apple based spirits in Sweden, and are working on projects with several distilleries in Scotland and Ireland.

To support the craft distilling we have developed our own iMash™ and iCask™ products.


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