At Allen Associates we understand that one size definitely does not fit all. Every project is different and our team of highly skilled engineers relishes the challenge of finding, developing and implementing the most appropriate and effective bespoke solutions for our clients. 

Designed to specification

All Allen Associates engineers are enthusiasts and each and every one thrives on the challenge of finding and developing new solutions to common problems.  Their passion and enthusiasm drives them to develop the optimum design that will meet the specific objectives of the client.

Bespoke Products

Iceberg Vent Cooler:

Recover ethanol or other valuable volatile product from process plant or vessels. We are currently supplying a number of coolers for Jim Bean Global in Spain.

Hexi Wash Still CIP system:

A specially developed cleaning device for wash still pans which is now in use at several sites.   The product is an example of our commitment to providing innovative bespoke solutions to common CIP challenges.

Malt Distilling Energy Model:

Unique in its sophistication, our model performs energy balances from malt intake through to distillation, allowing you to evaluate where energy savings are possible. Speak to us to see how this powerful tool can help your site(s) become more energy efficient. We have recently used this model to provide information on the scale of - and routes to - potential energy savings within the industry to a major bank.

Yeast plants

We’ve supplied 20+ yeast plants each individually designed to suit site requirements.  All plants are hygienically designed with integrated CIP to ensure a clean environment for yeast storage and supply. Plants can either be supplied as a skid mounted system or can be fabricated on site. Typical plants include – yeast tanks, CIP tanks, yeast cooling system, pumps, valves and instruments. The plants can be designed to be fully automated and come with their own control panel and PLC which can be linked to the site control system. Refer to case study for information. 


Using our knowledge of troubleshooting the mashing process at various distilleries coupled with our process design expertise we have developed the iMash™ system. The iMash is a mini mash tun and fermentation system which is specifically aimed at the craft distilling sector.  The system consists of a mash tun (or lauter tun), brewing vessels,  fermentation vessels and all associated plant – worts cooler, pumps, control panel etc. One of the benefits of the system is that it can be supplied as a skid unit which has been fully commissioned thus minimising site installation and commissioning time.  Refer to case study for more information.


We have designed systems and completed audits in multiple filling stores and vat rooms throughout the UK, Europe and in the US. Using this experience we are developing our iCask™ system.  The iCask™ system is aimed at the craft distilling sector and is a suite of process systems that are common with filling store and vat room operations.  Systems include: cask filling, disgorging, filtration, chill filtration, reduction and caramel addition.  Refer to case study for more information.


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